5,000 Years From This

When our skin becomes

When our skin becomes
a backdrop of stars
to a world not in light

Layered over
bones and shells
and mountains
our ancestors once scaled

Then we advance to a
civilization past any
we’ve ever been

But we’re 5,000 years
from there

Will we make it
before we kill ourselves
over the color of our skin
or the fiendism of
our economics . . .

before we destroy our earth

– Poetry by Wes tewkMehrtin
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Unpublishable Savants

Guns de Militaire

guns of the gangsta

[large and proportional distances]

The poetry of journals
The poetry of the great White sentiment

Guns de Militaire

a poetry of the lower classes
[are there class distinctions?]

The Guns de Militaire

oh, but wretched guns of the gangsta

– Poetry by Wes tewkMehrtin
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Antipoémus (poetry book)