The Computers

I feel the same with these computers
still around me.
Brooklyn, 2004.
Chicago, 2018.
They’re still here.
Not the same computers.
But their forms and
with similar feelings,
similar smells.
Electrons activated on air.
Petroleum exhaust from the streets outside.
Wormholes have been ripped open
in our cosmic neighborhood.
But, the computers are still here
in their form and feelings.
I feel them.
I see them.
They will be something different
at some point,
but for now they’re still here within
the concrete, steel, and glass buildings
of the city
and the agencies.
The computers dream to be
deoxyribonucleic acid.
I feel it.
I have seen it.

Poetry from

For You, Not Others – Americanism Software Export

The job was one of journalism,
where real resides,
behind the scenes kind of things,
more real than what you’d consider real,
fixing hot dogs or making sloppy joes.
it is real.
What is real?
Who’s the realest?
Aren’t you more real than the next one.
Look over your shoulder.
See that deal,
it reflects light more than for others,
for you, not others.
Certain places are more real than others.
Los Angeles or New York City for example,
yes, they’re more real.
For real?
For real.
The pain you feel is justified most
but the presence is not that you feel pain.
Being so real, there’s not a lot that others perceive
in you.
You’re real.
The job was one of journalism,
where real does for real most really reside.
I would definitely like to touch you,
but I don’t think it’s possible,
you’re untouchable,
in control,
don’t become out of control,
stay real,
you are the real deal.

– Poetry by Wes tewkMehrtin
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Love After Isolation

You live with it,
you sleep with it.
It’s your computer.

You take it to the shed,
there is wood and wood to chop,
your computer sits in front of
a can of turpentine.

The grass grows tall outside,
you are at a farm in Texas.

O Penthius!
Penth Fist!
our world is made of bone and air!

The sun shines in through the window
onto your computer.

– Poetry by Wes tewkMehrtin
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Memes Of The Basic

I am on a planet.

I eat the godbrains here.
And believe them.

You’re far across the Universe.

You know,
in a giant greenhouse somewhere,
on a different planet,
I am eating the godbrains.
Hiding in the back of a little shed,
tucked into a corner of the greenhouse.
There, I work on the computers,
the receptors and the generators,
the ones the agency transported there,
the Delacroix 5 and the Destructor 12.

The Destructor 12 was very important
in the run up to the end.
We’ve now gone shy on parts for it.

We’ll look for those parts past the dunes,
just where the grass stops growing
and the sand cliffs begin.
The sunset burns into the hues of
the horizon
on this planet
where the merchants sell
computers to make this stuff.