Myriad Mirmona

“The mystery of life;
see the oneness in others.”

Yes, in the separated others,

the bigots,

the fags,

“a fag brings a flower to a child,
a bigot kills them,
but the child does not die and
ails into old age without the use
of legs”,

the uneducated poor,
dutiful middle class,
gluttonous rich.

Oh, and the
bacteria, insects,
animals, plants,
humans, cyborgs,
aliens, deities, simulations.

“A sameness of individuals;
The One of Many Ways.”

– Poetry by Wes tewkMehrtin
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Three Hundred Fifty Five Million

The waveform people took it.
The form of love between us,
the gravity.
Back to their mansion in the woods,
on a planet
three hundred fifty five million
light years away.
Can you see it leaving in the city?
In every city on the planet,
past the grimey stains
on subway stairs.
The people leaving the cities
to live like the waveform people,
in their woods
three hundred fifty five million
light years away.
Let them walk upon earth and snow
in the winter.
Said the waveform people.
Let them cherish their human
But the mansion is not there.
Only the blue sky
of the waveform people above.

Poetry by Wes tewkMehrtin
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Humble, Humble Love (poetry book)

What A Simulation Chances

Architectural structural changes.
How can we let him
make these changes,
In his dreams.
Is this the David made
within the Bible
or a David made
within the cerebral tissues
during the dreaming sessions?
These mammals got to sleep.
Their world is made in there.
For he sleeps in the midnight
of Florida,
the tension between every moment’s
moving onward onward always.