Bells of Tolrileum

The Bells of Tolrileum
I heard during torture,
the marketization, rule systems,
and subjugation
The unfreedoms.
The magik. Symbology.

I remember the lost civilizations

          the Way of the Queens

          the days of learning and courage

          introspection with molecules.

I heard the Bells of Tolrileum.

others are hearing.

– Poetry by Wes tewkMehrtin
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Emilia, But Death

How can I not distaste the grass?
The toilet house built for the solitary traveler
on the road from Napoli to Messina,
the dust kicking up its memories of bones,
my sandals of cow-leather
flavored with the apprehensions of the slaughterhouse,
the retreat of a slave girl from her owner
to the East, the Ionian Sea,
across the plains, up to Olympus,
to track down Jove, to kick his fucking ass.