The Inequalities Of Women

She lived
while other women
in her church
got breast cancer,
had heart attacks,
grew old.
Her arms stayed thin
on the bone
while others got fat
and flabby,
marbled with vericose veins
and their breath grew
stale and sour.
She looked at the sad
excuse of aging men
around her,
loved her husband
She knows this is what
our way of life has
to offer,
so she lived
between the trips to
the nursing home
to visit friends
and the turning of the
Bible pages.


Love And Emotional Security

I want to feel small.
I am a woman.
I have seen advertisements
all my life.
In them,
women are always
more petite
than men.
When I played with dolls
as a little girl
the female dolls were always
three times as skinny as
the male dolls.
For this reason,
I want to feel small.
I understand this to be love
emotional security
and the truth behind


Clearly I see now the carbon women
and their symbols

from their suburbs and the Centers of Ine,
the shopping,
they’ve attracted the loyal conscript eyes
looking for the moment and its eternity,
salvation of self, bandage of head,
every glance kills this self of her universe,
she trades
the confidence of sex organs

a million universes have fallen,
fried potato skins and appetizer plates,
she looks for the stopper of stuff and time,
the heroism and the TV message.

Clearly I see now the tired men
and structures they build as both
the laborers and architects,
they are hourly and salaried,
with after-shave, as business owners,
you’ve seen them,
they support
and she makes wishes in her parlor room,
or at airports on the precipice of
salvation vacation,
the fields into outer-space,

I have killed and it was this self
inside the windows and the archetype
on the town square.

– Poetry by Wes tewkMehrtin
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Variable Vector Sexism

Mankind has a penis.

: A woman has 2 penises.

God has designed Woman
to carry 2 erect penises on
her chest.

– Poetry by Wes tewkMehrtin
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