Economics And Repugnancies

Get me out of this
Outback Steakhouse.

It is not in the outback.
Nor is it a steakhouse.

If Jenny from 3rd period English
is there,
it will be too much
to watch the plasticine moment
of people purchasing
something that doesn’t exist.

If I set there and watch the plates
come in,
I will watch them,
watch them bring nothingness.

Jenny’s supple breasts evoke
their trances
just like women and children
as items on TV,
or like the fathers
with chiseled chins and parted hair
riding shiny new lawnmowers.

Economies are made to make
shit like this.

Poetry from

Love And Emotional Security

I want to feel small.
I am a woman.
I have seen advertisements
all my life.
In them,
women are always
more petite
than men.
When I played with dolls
as a little girl
the female dolls were always
three times as skinny as
the male dolls.
For this reason,
I want to feel small.
I understand this to be love
emotional security
and the truth behind

Attainment For The Jesus Brain

I have a TV in one room.
I go into the other room to watch the other TV.
Call it the Hall of Wisdom if you want.

I drink my sodas at the half hour of every hour.
Call it the Sacredness of Life at this point;

the Hours of Opportunity,
the Attainment of Ability;




Clearly I see now the carbon women
and their symbols

from their suburbs and the Centers of Ine,
the shopping,
they’ve attracted the loyal conscript eyes
looking for the moment and its eternity,
salvation of self, bandage of head,
every glance kills this self of her universe,
she trades
the confidence of sex organs

a million universes have fallen,
fried potato skins and appetizer plates,
she looks for the stopper of stuff and time,
the heroism and the TV message.

Clearly I see now the tired men
and structures they build as both
the laborers and architects,
they are hourly and salaried,
with after-shave, as business owners,
you’ve seen them,
they support
and she makes wishes in her parlor room,
or at airports on the precipice of
salvation vacation,
the fields into outer-space,

I have killed and it was this self
inside the windows and the archetype
on the town square.

– Poetry by Wes tewkMehrtin
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Civilization Magi

I don’t give a fuck about the
who live on down the coast.

They’re down the coast
so I’m not really sure what I
should make of them.

Well, this morning, while having
I’m confused.

I look out over the ocean,
over the sunshine that’s breaking
over the ocean
and I wonder about them
on down south
and I know I really could care
less about them
as human beings.

But isn’t this just like thinking
like a baby-boomer again.
What if they were going to
destroy the world,
the Fascists down south,
with their ideologies and actions,
should I care then,
shouldn’t I destroy them?

But god damn!,
isn’t this like thinking like
a baby-boomer as well?

Maybe if I go to the new
barbecue place
I can get rid of the
baby-boomer stuff,
like trade it in or something???

– Poetry by Wes tewkMehrtin
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Alder 9 The Robot Talks With His Master

“Alder 9,
this is a mud shit mess
I tell you,
a mud shit mess.
Alder 9,
are you registering this
with yourself?
why’d you bring us here?”

“The course of resources is possible here,
according to the genetic terminus,
as the famines and wars served their purposes
on Earth
and as the Earthlings say,
and also in Heaven.”

“I wish I was in Heaven right now,
I’d go to the recreational platform.”

“Alder 9, most Earthlings don’t know
about the recreational platform in Heaven,
let’s not mention it out here.”

“Alright . . .

Look! On that ledge,
something’s moving!”

“Oh God, oh no,
up there!
It’s a bus full of school children!”

“It looks like it’s those dinosaurs and barbarians
over there.”

“Alder 9,
let’s fucking roll,
stop lollygagging around!
Move it,
fucking move it, you chintzy bastard!”

– Poetry by Wes tewkMehrtin
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Le Grand Cyberattack

Le grand cyberattack came down from the clouds
one day when I was walking through the park
and passed by intellectuals hanging out,
reading novels and plays.
They sipped coffee, wore berets, ate baguettes.
The berets could be replaced by dark skinny jeans,
disheveled tshirts or designer sport coats
depending on what is marketed at the time
as being the look of the thinking or creative person.

Le grand cyberattack happened in between the floor
of my apartment
and was hardly noticed except by animals and
small creatures
living in an invisible world well beyond our consciousness.

TV was almost devoid of the grand cyberattack
but for the producer’s laptop computer being denied
internet service
while he was trying to purchase last minute airplane tickets
to war-torn Syria.
The effects of le grand cyberattack were unregistered
in Syria
and he eventually made it there to tell us on the television
how it really is
over there.

The future projected to me in cartoons when I was a child
was completely wiped out by le grand cyberattack.

– Poetry by Wes tewkMehrtin
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The Dialogues Of Plebius

“I want to marry Dionysus.
Can I marry Dionysus?”

“Dionysus was a woman.”

I have a strong bow,
a chariot,
burial sites full of Egyptian riches,
and genuine Nike sneakers from the 1980s.”

do you have a moustache?”


“Was Walt Disney
a gay homosexual man?”

– Poetry by Wes tewkMehrtin
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Lovers Of The Century (poetry book)

Riddle Kippler

There was one long ago

a human who lived as one

but now the one of the collectively
had done the undone
that returns the silence of the era.

The ones and twos stand with shoulders and skin
and worry which is which, who will see

who will see me
do the things I do
standing as such in a way that others may be

looking at me.

I posture and fix my hair, set out,

go to the shopping center, greet, handshake

look for life as American Idol on TV.

– Poetry by Wes tewkMehrtin
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